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4 min readMar 1, 2022


Since this article will be read mostly by the crypto community, then almost everyone have an idea what blockchain represents, and that it is safe.

Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are based on blockchain as well, in layman terms, NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens, and they are used to represent assets that exist in the real-world, or wholly in the digital world. This is done to make them more manageable for all parties to buy, sell or trade more efficiently, thus reducing the chance of fraud or the need for “middle-man”.

For now NFTs are primarily used for digital art pieces. Some popular pieces are Bored Apes, Beeple’s Everydays, Cryptopunks collections, Jack Doresy’s first ever tweet, Grimes video arts and more.

From all the daily encounters with NFT news, there seems to be a huge market for them and the wide application of uses will guarantee their continued presence online. While we personally are not getting any younger, the humans as a whole certainly are, and we can already see that these days everyone is tech-savvy and online oriented.

The rise of NFTs coincides with fulfilling a very necessary role within the digital community, that of ownership authentication, which in essence empowers the individual. So far it has been used by a variety of people, artists, entrepreneurs, photographers, painters, programmers, illustrators etc.

NOSHIT is already making steps to release its own NFTs. We are working to release around 10.000 NFTs, plus the custom made ones, and a special batch named “Surprise NFTs”.

Because our community of holders is the most important to us, last month we finalized and closed the list of our top 25 holders. Now they are patiently waiting for their custom made NFTs.

Now we want to finalize and close our top 100 holders, each to be rewarded with one NFT, from the “Top 100 NFTs” batch.

Since we would like for our holders to remain with us, this is a long journey after all, we have made a plan for them to earn royalties.

Any holders from the batches of “Top 100 NOSHIT NFT”, (bought or got as a reward), custom NFTs or the “Surprise NFTs”, will earn royalties in a 24 hour cycle, depending on the position (rank) of the holder (see below).

And as is only natural, the holder positions are not static, they change automatically.

To check your position, go to bscscan, search for NOSHIT, then find your wallet address position under the ‘holders’ tab.

NOSHIT NFT Royalties distribution:

Top 25 | 1% Royalties divided as per below:

TOP 1–3 | 0.30% Royalties (0.1% each holder)
TOP 4–10 | 0.35% Royalties (0.05% each holder)
TOP 11–25 | 0.35% Royalties (0.0233% each holder)

Top 26–100 | 1% Royalties divided as per below

TOP 26–50 | 0.5% Royalties (0.020% each holder)
TOP 51–75 | 0.3% Royalties (0.012% each holder)
TOP 76–100 | 0.2% Royalties (0.008% each holder)

TOP 101 onwards (0.002% each holder)

Since 6 wallets out of 100 are excluded, the top 100 will be until nr:106..

Written by:
Hunter S. Shitson

Illustrations by
Esfínter Bidet

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