NOSHIT goes all scientific: Presenting @ProfessorNSH

2 min readJan 24, 2022


The ethos of NOSHIT has been from the beginning to do a good job of making alt-coins as safe as possible, and all in good fun. Since alt coins are all made in block-chain, no one can tell shit from noshit better than a blockchain technology professor who lectures in two European Universities.

Yes, our newest team member Professor NSH is a block-chain professor and a double PHD computer scientist. Some of the fields he has expertise on are software engineering, applied artificial intelligence, data analysis, information retrieval, machine learning, conceptual modeling, unified modeling language, hell he can even do catwalk modeling if such need arises.

So NOSHIT is becoming a force to be reckoned with. No more can people just spout words that include blockchain and metaverse and hope to get away with it. We all have seen projects that include “something something blockchain” followed by “something something even metaverse soon”.

The issues and problems which they claim to solve if you but invest in them, are not only vague but the language in which they are presented is anything but precise. Many times they just hope to get away with it, because it is true that blockchain is a poorly understood technology by the majority of the crypto users.

A recent study says that 73% percent of all projects listed on PancakeSwap will turn out to be scams. That is total chaos. Thankfully, that is where the good professor comes in. He will demand from all projects to be precise in their speech. Otherwise, they will be held accountable and be called for what they are, fake, by intention or omission, there is little difference.

No more will the maps of crypto currency have areas where it says “Here be dragons, DYOR”. From now on, wherever NOSHIT goes, that area will read “Here be shit, stay away” or “Here be no shit, good luck”.

So take heart ladies. The dragon slaying knight in THE shitty armor has finally arrived!

For the full presentation, please listen to the recorded Live Telegram AMA:

Written by:
Hunter S. Shitson

Illustrations by
Esfínter Bidet

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