NOSHIT liberates itself!

4 min readDec 2, 2021

Just when you think you can tell what shit is in this market, it turns out that you don’t know shit. Though if something is bad, then it’s shit, but if it is really good, then it is the shit.

Shit and legitimate coins are so intermingled, that you have to study that shit.

That shit must be dealt with. NOSHIT has chosen to face those shits head on! Better shitty than sorry.

NOSHIT liberated itself like Montezuma’s Revenge, royal and explosive. Presale was gone in 6 minutes. All of it was organic. Even the chart is becoming an organic shit. Better than expected. People were willing to give NOSHIT a chance.

NOSHIT understands that behind the screens there are people with enough reason to be wary of pump and dumps. It is their investment, their right to sell and buy.

But NOSHIT also recognizes that after the first hours of wariness and reasonable caution, our chart is going steadily up. People are starting to see the potential of $NSH, and 3000 of them are willing to hold it in their wallets.

Just in the first 48 hours from launch, our Telegram channel gained around 6.000 members, and ten thousand on Twitter. By now its even more.

A nice community has popped its head. They know that there are lots of shit coins out there which become shit either from lack of idea, work, luck or because they began as scams. So NOSHIT wants to stand tall on the shoulders of our community, and oppose them.

NOSHIT will bring justice. The sheriff of these shitty hills. “You are a shit, you are the shit, and I am NOSHIT”.

“Great, all that is great”, whispers a break-wind. ”What next, good sir?”

Next in the hierarchy of impootance, or the shit to do, seems marketing of course. Just when you think you’re finished, NOSHIT comes rushing out with improved strength.

At this stage we aim to be the most trending shit ever! People have to know about the NOSHIT attitude, philosophy, goals and the depth of its meaning. This shit is deep!

Where has it been seen, a 10.000 dollars (BUSD) giveaway for buying the most shit? Only in the NOSHIT realm, where the four benevolent despots rule, Honesty, Due Diligence, Fun and Wits.

By their order, rewards for poorticipating in this shit will continue to discharge. The community has been most helpful by throwing shit in our direction! They come in all forms, ideas about reward systems, marketing, games, stories, videos, a veritable pool stool.

We are in the process of defecating two campaigns. The first turd is about listings and advertisement. The second turd will smear the tweets and influence territories of all the most known and recommended social media personalities.

Talk of shit is happening with different companies and teams. We provide the idea, they deliver the shit. The DAPP games revolve around educational norms regarding the crypto world. By playing them, we will all be better at smelling and telling. Our white toilet paper is nicely and concretely shat out on PooMap.

But this is just a mere reflection of our shitgoals. A much more thorough and comprehensible shit of all our ongoing and upcoming works is being currently digested. Gonna be an explosive shit.

NOSHIT is reimaginig what we came to know and expect.
This is no plain space mission. NOSHIT doesn’t even launch from Earth!
But straight from Uranus, hops to the Moon and all over the place.
We need NoShit in our lives, we want NoShit in our wallets!

Written by:
Hunter S. Shitson

Illustrations by
Esfínter Bidet

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