What do you do when you can’t keep a promise?

3 min readJan 13, 2023

Dear NOSHIT community,

The advent of Bitcoin in 2009 marked the beginning of a new era in human history, one in which the decentralized, trustless system of blockchain technology emerged as the foundation of a new digital age. This new era, known as Web 3.0, holds the promise of a more secure, transparent, and decentralized future for all of humanity.

As members of the NOSHIT community, we understand that the path to this brighter future is not always a smooth one. The crypto market, in which NOSHIT operates, is highly volatile and subject to forces beyond our control. Despite our initial promise, we have faced challenges in realizing our goals. We understand that this may have caused disappointment and frustration among our community and for that, we apologize.

However, as philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” The challenges we face as a community serve to strengthen our resolve and deepen our commitment to the success of NOSHIT. We are constantly striving to find solutions and overcome obstacles, in the pursuit of a better future.

We also want to remind our community that we have always been transparent and honest about the challenges we have faced. Honesty and transparency are essential in building trust and fostering a strong community. When we can’t keep a promise, it is important to be open and honest with our community, so everybody can decide for themselves. We want to let you know that NOSHIT is doing just that.

We have been facing a hard time financially sustaining the project since March 2022, when we sold the developer’s wallet, and in order to support the project and move forward, we need to sell some assets from the Treasury Fund next week, which will have a very slight impact on the price of the coin. We will do this to finance the activities, pay the team and servers until the end of March.

The reason we didn’t sell any asset since almost a year ago and have been operating in losses, is because we believe in NOSHIT and wanted to HODL together with you guys. While we still believe in the project and are committed to it, there are expenses to be covered and a team to get paid.

The plan for Q1 is:

  • Finishing and Launching the Shit Checker
  • Monthly Token Reviews on Twitter Spaces
  • Monthly Podcasts on YouTube, and short inserts on YouTube shorts Twitter, TikTok, and Insta
  • Mission Updates Every two weeks (During the Review and Podcast)
  • Hire a community member to organize the voting process, welcome new users, and bridge the communication between the team and the community
  • Actively engage on social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok

After the end of Q1, we will evaluate again, and find ways to keep going further for as long as we can.

If we believe we can’t go further anymore, we will be honest with you and potentially proclaim bankruptcy, if there are no other ways. In that case, we will give time to the community to withdraw their investment before we sell the remaining assets. We know that most of you might withdraw in losses, but maybe placing the investment elsewhere, might ease the losses.

Whatever happens, we will at least have a decent Shit-Checker as a relic of our mutual engagement and friendship.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.






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