World Toilet Day 2021: NOSHIT left behind

2 min readNov 22, 2021

On 19th of November, the world celebrated the wonders of toilets, an everyday comfort of our modern lives. Efforts to make toilets cleaner, safer and better for the environment is an ongoing innovation work.

It is well documented that a compromised sanitation can wreak havoc across communities, contaminating food, water and even lead to financial ruin. Especially if you belong to the crypto community.

Failed projects are endemic there, therefore recognising a legitimate crypto from the useless shit requires knowledge, time and effort.

To honour and uphold the mission as stated by World Health Organization, on the International Toilets Day we launched the NOSHIT Token smart contract on BSC Network and started our journey. As the team behind the NOSHIT Coin, we promise to go through all the existing fecal matter and separate SHIT from NOSHIT.

We offer no shit dreams of reverting climate change, feeding the planet or colonising Mars, only such shit we are certain that we can stick to.

NOSHIT aims to become the ultimate token review platform with professional token analysis, NOSHIT auditing tools, community reviews and ratings. Token owners will also have the possibility to submit a response on the review.

Our goal is to educate our community of “noshitters” to Tell SHIT from NOSHIT in the Crypto World, and reward them with a lot of PRIZE WINNING GAMES AND NFTs.

Last week we announced the presale “frenzy” that’ll take place on DxPresale this Sunday, 28.11.2021 starting at 22:00 UTC.

We are DOXXed, have an audited contract by TechRate, KYCed team by IDOPresales.

During our live AMA last night on the official DxSale Presales Telegram Group we introduced the get shit done team and shared shit about NOSHIT project and token. NOSHIT, you can listen to it for yourself:

24 Hours after the end of the Presale, we will list our token on PancakeSwap and very soon we’ll list our NOSHIT on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Get ready to flush your wallets. NOSHIT is about to hit the fan!

Written by:
Hunter S. Shitson

Illustrations by
Esfínter Bidet

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